Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Project -- Just for Me!!

Happy Labor Day, everybody! I hope your barbecues are safe, your adult beverages are icy cold, and your charred meats are delicious!! I'll be at the beach with my buddy Yvette.

I've challenged myself to do more difficult projects. I just moved into a new apartment, for which my awesome mother, who firmly believes in spending my inheritance on me while she can watch me enjoy it, bought me a love seat and a sofa (and a kitchen table and chairs, AND a dresser. Don't get me started on how spoiled I am!!). Although I am taller than my roommate Miss Sarah, I have taken up residency on the love seat because it resides in the bay window. I love the bay window. So I needed a little lumbar support for when I curl up on said love seat. I needed a throw pillow. Truth be told, I need several. But every journey starts with one step.  I began shopping for throw pillows. Throw pillows are ridiculously expensive, darlings!! And, thanks to my dear friend Dr. Emily Roben, I have acquired a new mantra. It goes a little something like this: I can make that myself!!

I decided it would be cool to crochet a basket weave pillow cover. I decided it would be cool to make each side a different color and stitch it together with a third color.  I was right -- it's cool! I splurged a little on the pillow form -- a 16" square of goose down for $15 -- because the yarn I used was already in my possession. I did 35 rows of basket weave, 50 stitches wide. I stitched the pieces together with two double crochet in each stitch around, four in each corner. Here's how it looks.

I'm so. Very. Happy with the result! And look how gorgeous those colors look on my cool red love seat!! Now to determine what kind of pillow Miss Sarah would like to start with for her sofa.

Oh, and also, Sarah wants me to design her a basket weave skirt! A SKIRT!! I've never done CLOTHES!! The plot thickens!!

That's the news for now, darlings!! No Stitch 'n' Bitch tonight because of the holiday. But as always, until next time, Peace, (radical) Love and Yarn!! XOXOXO

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