Friday, September 28, 2012

She's Ba-ack!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome back to crochet season!! I've had a very busy and wonderful summer, and I hope you have too! But now it's time to dust off those crochet hooks and get busy!

How do I know it's crochet season? Because I made my first Etsy sale of the season! I'm so excited, you guys! And this sale was to a stranger! It's one thing when one of you, my loyal friends and relations, buys something, but when a stranger seeks my product out on Etsy? That's good news!!

So let's see.... What am I working on these days? I'm trying to solve an engineering problem with a prototype bunny hat I'm working on for the adorable Sarah Bell. The bendable ears are top-heavy and won't stay upright when I sew them to the hat. My dear friend Jay Sangster, who is a brilliant costume stitcher, is going to take a look at my little problem and see what kind of wizardry he can dream up to solve it. It's good to surround yourself with smart, talented people!!

I'm also working on a squid hat for the amazing Wally Andersen. My original design didn't work out, so I turned to Sarah Bell, who does fantastic illustrations of bunnies and squids and various and sundry other creatures, to help me out. She came back with a drawing that looks great and will serve as a tide-me-over belated birthday present to Wally until his hat is completed!

I want to trick out my big, black roll-y suitcase to make it a portable trunk show. I had great luck last year getting sales and orders from a tote bag full of inventory that I was lugging to my regular haunts The Common Cup and The Glenwood, but it would be nice to have something I don't have to carry (just pull) that opens into a wonderland of crocheted deliciousness!

I'm also going to update my Etsy site and add some new stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I'm going to focus on baby things for a while because people love buying cute things for babies!!

Due to scheduling conflicts arising from rehearsals for a show I performed in, I cancelled my Stitch 'n' Bitch sessions at The Glenwood. Since then I've been a semi-regular attender at the Stitching Squirrels Knit Group that meets at Gallery B.1.e. on Glenwood and Farwell on Thursdays from 7:00 til question mark. The people are fun and chatty, there's usually some sort of alcoholic liquor, and the gallery owner is dreamy!

As a side note, some of my talented friends, including Sarah Bell and Gretchen Hasse, are displaying their work at the Coyote Festival in Bucktown this weekend. Go there!!

Well, that's all the news for now. It's looking like Tuesdays and Fridays are going to be good days for blog posts this season, so I'll post again on Tuesday. Till then, as always, peace, love and yarn!! XOXOXO

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