Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Famous Crocheters Through History

What do Queen Victoria, President James Buchanan, Madonna and I have in common? Yep! We all crochet. I was curious about what famous figures crocheted, so I did a little research. Some of the results really surprised me! Really, President Buchanan? Good on you! Perhaps if more heads of state crocheted, there would be less political unrest!!

Meryl Streep crochets, as does Bette Midler. Estelle Getty crocheted, and she even did it on camera as Sophia on "Golden Girls". Debra Messing and Shelley Morrison, Grace and Rosario respectively from "Will and Grace", crochet. Patricia Arquette, Anne Bancroft, Aretha Franklin, Sally Kirkland, Eva Longoria, Alyssa Milano -- the list goes on and on! Martha Stewart learned to crochet in jail. Attagirl!!

"Wheel of Fortune"'s Vanna White and Deborah Norville of "Inside Edition"  not only crochet but have their own collections of yarn, Deborah through Premiere Yarn and Vanna with Lion Brand.

Former New York Giant and LA Ram Rosey Greer crochets. I knew he needlepointed, but the crocheting was a revelation! Lyle Alzado, formerly of the Broncos, the Browns and the Raiders, God rest his soul, also crocheted.

George Washington Carver crocheted. The mind reels!

Men, women; athletes, performers, heads of state, icons -- how cool is it to have this connection to this wide array of people? Crocheting is obviously a craft that stands the test of time and crosses all class, income and education levels. It's simple to learn, portable, and the results can be beautiful! And if you run into Madonna on the street, you'll have something to talk about!!

Stitch 'n' Bitch at the Glenwood on Thursday! As always, Peace, Love and Yarn!!

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