Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We Come in Piece(s)

Today I want to talk about UFO's. No, not that kind!! I'm talking about UnFinished Objects!! If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have inferred that I am a procrastinator. It's true -- I absolutely am! I am also prone to over-committing and, the whipped cream on the sundae, I have a touch of the Attention Deficit Disorder. Or I am susceptible to distraction from outside stimuli. Or something. Hey, did you see that awesome -- nevermind! Put it all together, and it leads to a plethora of UnFinished Objects. Addison Spore's carseat blanket? UnFinished Object. My mom's mittens that I was designing for her for Christmas? UnFinished Object. The adorable shell pattern hat that I was making  LAST SUMMER but the cats got into the yarn and tangled it all up into a nest? You guessed it -- UnFinished Object.

Every crafter has these!! I was discussing this issue with my friend Sharon Garvey Cohen, who is a quilter. We start something, we get busy with life stuff, we discover a newer, shinier project, and the original project gets relegated to the UFO pile. Or bin. Or closet. Or room. Brothers and sisters, it is time to dust off these UFOs and give them the love and respect that they're entitled to! It's time to finish the unfinished! I am committing to you, my loyal readers, that I will spend the rest of the month of May, and into June if need be (I'll keep you updated on my progress) completing my UnFinished Objects. And when I blog about it, it happens! I've been working on that spring cleaning a little bit every day, and it's making me a little bit happier every day! You, gentle readers, are making me a better person! And for that, I thank you!

In related news, I'll be returning to the Glenwood for a Stitch 'n' Bitch on Thursday from 7-9. I haven't hosted a   Stitch 'n' Bitch for three weeks, due to other obligations. It will be good to get back at it. I hope to see lots of you there, perhaps UFOs in hand!! Until Thursday, my darlings, as always, Peace, Love and Yarn!!

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