Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crocheting to Wagner

Today is the dress rehearsal for "Parsifal" at Lyric Opera. With intermissions, the production runs five hours. Wagner had a lot to say!

I have an established and proud history of crocheting to Wagner. Three years ago, I dressed the supplementary men's chorus for "Lohengrin". I decided to crochet a skull cap for each of the gentlemen I dressed. Each act was an hour, and, coincidentally, it takes me about an hour to crochet a hat. So I brought in a bag of different colors of yarn and asked each of my guys in turn what color hat they wanted. He'd tell me, go onstage to sing for an hour, and when he got back, his hat would be waiting for him on his desk.

Last year we did "Der Meistersinger". I dressed the circus performers. There was lots of crochet time. I was able to crochet a knight's helmet with a  movable face guard, and have those circus fellas start teaching me how to juggle.

And now it's Wagner again. I brought three crochet projects to work on, and I even got a little juggling in! I love my job!

Sooooo that's the news for now! Easy, Drink, and Be Crafty is at R Public House tonight at 7. Until next time my darlings, Peace, (radical) Love, and Yarn! XOXOXO

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