Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Prodigal Returns!

Oh my goodness, December has been a crazy month! I've had nine- and ten-hour crocheting days! I've made Eeyore

and Ernie

and Party Pat

and a Pink and Green Car Seat Set

seven pairs of fingerless gloves, six cowls, five scarves, four potholders, three skullcaps, two scarves, a pair of mittens, and a partridge in a pear tree!! (truth be told, I made two potholders, but they each consist of two squares, and it fit the song better if I said I made four) I also made two scarves for the Great Craft War of 2011. My team lost the Great Craft War of 2011 -- we only had three people on our team. Evil Squirrel had ten or so. But we ended up donating sixteen scarves to Emmaus Ministries that night, so that was awesome!

I also opened up an Etsy shop. My dear, dear friend and fellow crafter Mary Wells has been trying to convince me to open a shop for at least two years and I FINALLY got the confidence to sit down and do it. With Mary's awesome photographs of my garments and her Etsy savvy and moral support, we set up my shop in a mere three hours. And six days later, I made two sales! Isn't life grand? For those of you who don't know, Etsy is like Amazon for crafters. It's a really fun site to poke around. It's like having a giant craft market in your living room! My shop can be found at and Mary's shop is at

I also joined a band, which has precious little to do with crocheting, except I crochet before and after rehearsal and I wore a scarf I made to our first gig. Sorry, Mom, I promise I'll wear something a little less revealing to the next gig.

I also learned that, with the exception of two games (most recently last night), when I crochet during a Blackhawks game, they win!

I have now added a movie theatre and an ice arena to my list of places where I have crocheted. I also crocheted at my mom's church, before and after (but not during) the Christmas Day service.

So that was December. And now that I've filled all of my Christmas orders, I've got more time and energy for the blogging. I'm going to start updating twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. As always, my friends, peace, love and yarn!

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