Monday, June 24, 2013

I am a Chicago Blackhawk

Tonight is a very big night for me. You see, I am a Chicago Blackhawk. I'm a member of the team. No, I don't ice skate. No, I don't have access to the players' entrance at the Madhouse on Madison. Yes, all my teeth are my own. And yet, I am a member of the team.

How am I, a plus-sized, middle-aged GIRL, a member of the Chicago Blackhawks? There is an ever-growing coterie of hardcore Blackhawks fans who are of the belief that if I crochet -- especially if I crochet with red yarn -- during a Blackhawks game, more often than not we will come out victorious. I remember one Saturday night much earlier in the season when I had been working at the Lyric and had completely forgotten the Hawks were playing. I went to the Glenwood after work and the Hawks were down by one with about two minutes left in the third period. My dear friend Wally was bartending that night, and he rushed over to me and said, "Dawn-Marie! We're losing! DO SOMETHING!!"

"It's all right, Wally -- I got this," I replied calmly as I pulled yarn and a hook out of my handbag. I started to crochet as I resumed my conversation with another bar patron. And shortly thereafter, the Hawks tied it up. I think it was about two minutes into overtime when the Hawks scored the winning goal. And there I sat, calmly and diligently crocheting them to victory.

It doesn't always work. It didn't work last Monday. But it works the vast majority of the time. So tonight, I'll be at the Glenwood with some red yarn. And I'll do my part, right along with my teammates and Coach Q, to win the Stanley Cup tonight. Game time is 7:00. I am a Chicago Blackhawk.

Until next time, Peace, (radical) Love, and Yarn!!

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