Thursday, April 4, 2013

Squiggly's Yarn Shop and Studio

We have a new yarn shop in Rogers Park, darlings! It's called Squiggly's Yarn Shop and Studio, it's located at 1604 W. Morse, and it's owned by the creative, talented, and gorgeous Rico Blanco.

Squiggly's is a warm, comfortable space with a nice party pit of couches and chairs in the window so you can just bring a project and work on it while you chat with Rico. He's got a nice variety of sensibly-priced yarn in lovely colors. He also can answer all of your knitting and crocheting questions. You'll know you can trust him, as he has "Knit" tattooed under a skull and crossbones on his right arm and "Crochet" tattooed under that same skull and crossbones on his left. If you ask him where he learned to knit and/or crochet, he will deadpan, "In prison." Don't believe that part -- that's just jokes!!

Rico hosts Motorcycle Mondays, which is an adult-themed knitting and crocheting circle, on Monday evenings. You can go to that and then come to mine after. We're cool like that! He also hosts a Knit Night (crocheters are welcome too!) on Thursdays from 7:00-??. That is where I'll be this evening. You should be too. Three doors west of Ashland on the north side of Morse.

Squiggly's Yarn Shop

New things are brewing in my world. More news on Monday. Until then, my darlings, peace love and yarn!!

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