Monday, April 1, 2013

The Return of the Glenwood Stitch 'n' Bitch

Because of a Monday-heavy performance schedule at the Opera and in preparation for my mom's heart valve replacement surgery, I cancelled the Glenwood Stitch 'n' Bitch for the month of March. And the sad trombones played, "Wee Woo!!"

Tonight, however, is the first Monday in April! The opera season is over, my mother is on the expressway to recovery, and I want to have adult beverages while participating in some fiber arts with my friends. Rico Blanco, who just opened the wonderful Squiggly's Yarn Shop and Studio is going to come by tonight after he closes up shop. He's a really talented needle arts guy, and one of the sweetest tough guys on the planet, and his shop is a very happy place.

My dear friends Robert Chandler and wally andersen will be our bartenders tonight. They're equally scrumptious in their own separate ways. And there are some great $5 wine and double pint beer specials.

My advice to you is to grab some sort of portable craft -- it doesn't have to be yarn-related -- and meet us at the Glenwood, 6962 N. Glenwood Avenue in Rogers Park,  at 7:00 for some creative fun and reasonably priced spirits!!

The picture was taken at the Glenwood. That's my buddy Shayne Halper in a hat that I made -- though not necessarily for him!

So that's all the news for now, darlings! I hope to see you tonight! Until next time, peace, love and yarn!!

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  1. Dawn Marie, you're awesome, keep on being the savvy yarnstress that you are!!!!