Monday, April 8, 2013

Yarn Geeks Unite!! Or, My Trip With Dr. Emily to YarnCon

This past weekend marked the sixth annual Chicago YarnCon. I had never heard of YarnCon and was made aware of it by my super-crafty, extra-fabulous friend and summer employer, Angela Allyn. What is YarnCon, you might be asking. Well, I'll tell ya'. Better yet, I'll let the YarnCon website speak for itself.

"YarnCon rocks!

YarnCon is Chicago's homegrown yarn-centric exhibition -- a place to promote, sell, and celebrate the yarny arts. Started in 2007, YarnCon aims to be the premier market for independent producers of yarn, knitted/crocheted objects, fiber for spinning, tools, gadgets, books, patterns, instructions, and gifts related to spinning, knitting, crochet, and weaving."
The first person I thought of to accompany me was my very talented and enthusiastic friend, Dr. Emily Roben. I've spoken of Emily  in my blog before. She is a pediatric resident at Lurie Children's Hospital and fellow crocheter. She crocheted an anatomically correct heart for me to give to my mom's heart surgeon after her valve replacement. She's amazing. And I knew that if she was not working grueling hours saving children's lives, she'd totally be up for this kind of yarn adventure. I was right -- she was all about being my partner in crime at YarnCon.
The event was held at the Plumbers Union Hall, a block north of Johnny's Ice Arena. I didn't see any plumbers, nor did I see any Chicago Blackhawks. What I did see was yarn -- lots and lots of yarn!!

  The last picture here made Emily and me laugh, in that the fiber bundles looked like yarn poops. Sorry -- we both work with children!!
This yarn is from the "Avengers" line and is called "Tough Love". Awesome colors, and the name made me giggle!

There were also very cool display pieces. 
This beauty is Maureen O'Wool. Get it? Merino Wool? Knitters are silly!!
This awesome dress is knit with pull tabs from aluminum cans. Perfect for a night on the town!!
These are felted flowers. They were meant to be used as scarves, but I think I would use them as curtain tiebacks or to drape over a window or mirror. 
 Look at this gorgeous display of pillows! The Love one is made of cashmere. Aaahhh!!!

I bought this necklace. It's hand knit felt that was then embroidered upon. Emily bought one too. They are so cool!!
I had to have this hat from Happy Goat Lucky Ewe Fiber Farm in Michigan!!

I had never seen these yarn bowls and thought they were brilliant! So easy to display on your coffee table until you need to put yarn in to work with! And no more chasing that yarn ball around the room!
Emily suggested I change the name of the Stitch 'n' Bitch to Slots and Holes. Hmmm....

YarnCon was awesome! We had a great time, learned some stuff, and got to talk to a lot of interesting characters. We also got some ideas for techniques and fibers to try. I'm really looking forward to next year's outing.

Tonight is my Slots and Holes -- I mean, Stitch 'n' Bitch -- at the Glenwood, 6962 N. Glenwood, in Rogers Park 7:00-?? Cutest bartenders in the land, y'all!! And until next time, my darlings, peace, love and yarn!!

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