Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Never Say Never Again

You may be asking yourself, What does British Agent 007 have to do with crocheting? Precious little, actually! It's not like the Bond girls bide their time between death-defying adventures with a basket of yarn on their laps - although I would find that hilarious!! What if Miss Pussy Galore made afghans?

No, the reason I refer to this particular Bond film is the origin of the title. The film is based on the James Bond novel Thunderball. The film is not called "Thunderball". That's because the film's title is a good-natured barb directed toward Mr. Sean Connery. He hadn't played James Bond since "Diamonds Are Forever" in 1971. Roger Moore played Bond in six Bond films since Connery's last turn, including "Octopussy", which came out earlier in the same year (1983). In 1971, Sean Connery told the press he would NEVER play James Bond again. And a mere twelve years later, at age 52, look what he did!! "Never Say Never Again"!!

Okay, Dawn-Marie, we've been patient. We get that sometimes you feel the need to impress us with your trivial knowledge. But what has this to do with crocheting? Really! We mean it, now!

I have said that I'll never crochet something larger than 3'X3', and I've done two ginormous baby blankets.

I have said I wouldn't do anything that required excessive counting and/or concentration, and I'm currently working on this as a treat to myself for having made the aforementioned ginormous baby blanket (NB: This project requires both counting and concentration).

I've been crocheting in earnest for five and a half years, and I have recently decided to step up my game. I'm going to tackle projects that challenge me and take time and concentration. And I will make every attempt to never say never again.

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