Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Amazing Project!!

Two weeks ago, one of the crocheting groups I follow on Facebook posted this picture of a crocheted Frisbee.
I thought it was awesome and something I would try eventually. I reposted it on my wall and went about my day. Not five minutes later, I received the following email from my adorable cousin John Ryun: "Can you make 2 of the coozie Frisbees? I would gladly pay you for them...." Well, if you know my cousin John Ryun, you know he's practically irresistible! He's tall and handsome and funny and sweet -- a Packer fan, but you know what they say: Love the sinner, hate the sin! So I set about to crocheting Frisbees for John's equally adorable children. I asked John what colors he wanted, and he said, "One boy one girl colors... I will leave the creativity up to you." Brilliant! Creative Freedom!!

John's daughter, Grace, is kind of a girly girl like me, so I chose Teal, Yellow, Purple, Pink, and Spring Green for hers. It turned out like this.
Now, I'm not much of a Frisbee-throwing expert (read: I stink at playing Frisbee), but on the test flight down the hallway in my apartment building, this bad boy went about twenty feet! I posted this picture on Twitter and my Facebook page, and my hairdresser said, "I want one! WANT!"

As I said, the Ryuns are Packer fans, so I did the one for John's son, Davis, in Green, Yellow, White, Black and Grey. I couldn't take a picture of it -- my Bears fan sensibilities kicked in and precluded me from creating any photographic evidence of its existence! My good friend Kate Kamphausen gave Davis's Frisbee a toss in her sewing studio, and on its maiden voyage it, too, went at least 20 feet.

These things are awesome! They're fun to make (they take about an hour and a half), they fold up into your pocket, beach bag, or picnic basket, they're safe for doggies and children, they're machine washable, and they're pretty darned cute too! This is the new thing that I make! Place your orders now, boys and girls!! Operators are standing by!

Tonight at 7:00 is Knit and Crochet Night at Squiggly's Yarn Shop and Studio, and that is where I plan to be. You should come too. Until next time, my darlings, Peace, (radical) Love and Yarn!!

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