Thursday, March 20, 2014

Everything's Coming Up Roses (and Daffodils, and Pansies, and Sunflowers...)!!

Happy Thursday! As I mentioned on Monday, I want to try my hand at more delicate crochet patterns and jewelry. You know how sometimes you mention a desire, and then Divine Providence jumps in and rearranges the universe so that you receive your desire? You know, because God is an artist, and by creating, we become playmates with God? Well, Tuesday I had a really lousy, weather-related headache, so I just lay low and pretty much stuck to my room after I taught my morning Early Childhood Arts class in Evanston. That evening, my roommate Sarah came home with a gift for me from our friend Betsy, who owns Armadillo's Pillow Bookstore. It was a copy of Suzann Thompson's CROCHET BOUQUET, a book with tons of crochet flower patterns!!

These flowers will be great as trim on blankets, shawls, and hats, in addition to making really fun and pretty jewelry! I announced that I wanted to try something new, and a book that I didn't even know existed was hand-delivered. That's a miracle, in my eyes!

My very handsome friend, Robbie Chandler, sent me a great quote from screenwriter, director, composer, actor, Renaissance man, et cetera, et al, Joss Whedon.
This is what we need to do! Whatever creative energy it is that we can put out into the world, we need to get it out there. Paint. Dance. Cook. Garden. Beautify your world! And beautiful things will come back to you. Darling, everything's coming up roses!!

That's the news for now. Mark you calendars for Stitch Night at G & L Tavern on Grace and Leavitt on Mondays at 7 and R Public House, 1508 W. Jarvis, on Wednesdays at 7. Until Monday, Peace, (Radical) Love, and Yarn!!

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