Monday, March 24, 2014


Saturday morning I crocheted my first daffodil!! I did it out of white crochet thread with an E hook -- the smallest hook with which I've ever completed a project! I wanted to do a mock-up to see if the size would work for jewelry. This size will work for a lapel pin, hair clip, or embellishment for a hat or bag. I'm going to try -- brace yourselves -- a C hook and embroidery floss. I'm growing; I'm changing.

I also made a visit to Tom Thumb in Evanston in search of crochet rings. They're plastic discs that look like washers, and you crochet around them to make things like this.
I didn't find crochet rings at Tom Thumb, so I swung by the hardware store and got various sizes of metal washers, which I will trace on plastic and cut out to crochet around. I'm getting so serious about this crocheted jewelry!!

I'm also getting serious about the future of the Craft-Tacular Art Spectacle. As of last night, I have venues lined up for my June event, my September event, and my holiday extravaganza!! I'll keep you posted! (The June one is on the 14th at R Public House!)

So that's the news for now! Check back Thursday for more tales from the front! Or come and craft with me Wednesday night at 7:00 at R Public House, 1508 West Jarvis. Until then, Peace, (Radical) Love, and Yarn!!

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